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About Adam

Adam Tardif has been drumming for more than two decades. During this time he has experienced many different aspects of drumming and has been given the opportunity to play a various range of percussion instruments. Adam has performed in many different styles of music such as military marching band, orchestra, drum corps, kit drumming, and pipe band. Over the years Adam has had the chance to receive training from a variety of different instructors giving him the ability to learn a wide range of drumming styles and techniques to develop as an accomplished percussionist. Throughout his experience Adam has developed a firm knowledge on the principles and art of drumming, and has a firm grasp on the science of percussion instruments. Adam’s experience has developed and understanding of what makes a good sounding instrument and how to achieve excellent tone out of different drums.

Adam currently resides in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada and is the current Lead Drummer with the Grade 2 Greater Midwest Pipe Band, former Lead Drummer with the Grade 3 Niagara Regional Police Pipe Band, current lead drummer of the City of Thorold pipe band, a competitive soloist and a pipe band drumming instructor.

Adam has been surrounded by construction and carpentry for most of his life, is a certified Master Electrician and owner of TW Electrical Contracting in Niagara Falls. By combining his drumming and trade experience Adam continues to design and create new products to enhance the drumming experience of others. Adam has recognized the needs of himself as a player and the needs of other players, to express themselves through good sounding and visually appealing instruments. When not drumming Adam is an avid cyclist, golfer, and fisherman.

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