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AT Practice Pads

This practice pad offers a playing surface that gives you a rebound that is comfortable to play on and eases the transition to the high tension playing surface of your drum. This pad responds well to all types of drumming, allowing you to hear all of the beats you play giving you the opportunity to perfect your execution and control dynamics. The pad is constructed with 18 ply Birch and is finished in English Chestnut (other finish colors are available upon request). The playing surface is a plastic laminate material giving the most definition and detail out of any pad on the market. Designed with the drum corps in mind this playing surface offers maximum detail through the entire dynamic range. (natural rubber playing surface available upon request) This pad features a threaded insert so it can be easily mounted to a stand.Custom band logos are also available to be added to your pad to make your purchase one of a kind!

AT Harness Mount

The AT Harness Mount has been designed to allow the player the ability to practice in any location in the proper playing position while wearing the harness. Careful consideration has been used when designing this product to make sure that the playing surface is able to be placed in the proper position to develop the same muscle memory on the pad as you would playing on the drum. The AT  Harness Mount connects using the threaded insert in the pad and has adjustment to control the tilt angle of the pad. The AT Harness Mount creates a solid and stable playing surface when your on the go or keeping the hands moving before performances. This product has been tested with the May-Kilpatrick Snare Carrier.

AT Harness Mount.jpg

All AT products are made to order. Please contact for pricing

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